Maryland 2XRIP Olympic Duathlon Race Report

This was year #2 for the MD 2XRIP Olympic Duathlon, and I’m so glad good friend and fierce competitor Yvonne Carter convinced me to check it out!  This was the first year they had an elite field, and the guys had a decent showing with 15 in their field, but the females only had 5 signed up, and 3 compete.  Hopefully word will spread about this event and next year the elite fields will be large enough that the men and women have to start separately 😉

With the first run being only 2 miles, it was tough to try to hold it back a little.  We ran through nicely paved trails in the park and then hit the streets on a closed road course – the run loop had a great mix of everything!  I hit mile 1 at 5:30, which is a little faster than I should’ve gone…but the desire to beat some of the elite males was too strong 😉  So I chilled out a little and arrived at T1 with an 11:45 split (and 5 gentlemen behind me) and headed out onto the bike.  The bike course was equally awesome – winding through nicely paved country roads with some fun rollers and a couple of opportunities to get out of the saddle.  The only problem with running faster than some of the elite men, was quickly being passed by them on the bike…  It took the wind out of my sails just a little bit, but on the 2nd loop of the bike the rest of the racers were now on the course to provide some company.

Heading out on the 2nd run I was really wishing the run distances had been reversed 😉  As I made my way down the road I was able to see where the next females were coming in on the bike.  Although I NEVER feel safe with a lead, I feel like I may have taken a little too much comfort in it as my pace seemed to be slowing on that 2nd loop (1 min per mile slower to be exact)…  My next thought was to go for the course record – but of course I couldn’t remember the time to beat.  I knew it was 1:57:…something…  Coming in towards the finish line I mustered up what kick I could manage, and crossed the line in 1:57:03 – 16 seconds faster than last year’s winning time 🙂

RIPIT Events did a great job with this race – as did their sponsors and volunteers.  The race benefited Adventures for the Cure, which also had a great showing of athletes at the event!  Great awards too – definitely an event to add to your calendar next year!

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