I am super-excited to announce that I have been selected as a 110% Playmaker for 2013. I have joined the ranks of some amazing athletes and am looking forward to an even stronger 2013 season!

After years of racing I have definitely learned the importance of recovery. Sometimes you have to find out the hard way, but once your body starts telling you to give it some attention, you learn to heed those warnings before you’re back on the sidelines. Most athletes know about the benefits of compression gear. And you also know about the dreaded yet necessary practice of taking ice baths after a tough training session or race. 110% is leading the way in recovery gear by bringing the benefits of both into one package!

All 110% compression + ice gear comes with reusable ice inserts that can be cut for a custom fit. Ice pockets are strategically placed throughout the garments targeting the key areas that need it. It can turn from high performance gear to recovery gear in an instant. Better yet, the ice inserts can be heated if you need heat therapy.

No more sitting in a tub full of ice with my beanie on counting down the minutes until I can escape. Now I can recover with my ice right on the couch. Although for someone who has a hard time sitting still, I can now do all kinds of things during my active recovery 😉

Play Harder!

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