Good Things Come in 3’s

3 finger

2013 is off to a great start! I’ve done 3 road races in 3 months at 3 different distances and have 3 new PR’s! 🙂 It started with the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in March, followed by the Valley Forge Revolutionary 5 mile run in April, and this past weekend was the Turkey Hill Country Classic 10k.

Although hitting a PR is always a goal when I race, I didn’t have a goal time in mind going into this. I was more excited to run my race, and then watch Craig race afterwards. During this time of year it is rare that we get to spend a lot of time together on the weekends. And…I had a feeling the course was going to have some hills, so why worry about time?

The course did not disappoint! The first half was fairly easy – I hit the 1 mile mark at 5:52 and was happy with this split. When I went through mile 3 feeling strong at 17:41, I thought I was well on my to a PR. And then we turned off River Road… Mile 4 was by far my slowest. We’d get to the top of 1 roller just to see the next one ahead. It seemed like a never-ending stretch, and I was happy to turn off that road and work my way to the finish. The hills did slow me down, but I was able to cross the line at 37:54 to take 1st place for the females. I was happy with my time and especially with how I felt.

turkey hill podium

Women’s 10k Podium

Hitting these PR’s early in the season is a great sign for my upcoming races. It’s also great reassurance that my coach (yep, that’s me) is leading me in the right direction. Although I know that coaching myself is the best fit for me, getting results lets me know that I am on track.

After receiving my award in front of a very large cow I resisted the urge to devour hot dogs & ice cream and frolic in the bouncy houses. It was time to cheer Craig on as he raced on the same course (only his with multiple loops and a nice steep climb added). He’s been having a great season and it’s always exciting when I have the chance to watch him race. Today was no exception, as he took 8th overall in the Men’s 1/2 race – way to go Craig!!

turkey hill craig

Craig crossing the finish line

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