Race Results






March 4, 2017

Naked Bavarian

20 mile trail


1st Overall Female

April 17, 2017 Boston Marathon 26.2 miles 3:03:24 129th female
 May 13, 2017  Ultra Race of Champions 100k trail  11:54:06 2nd Overall Female
 June 3, 2017 Cayuga Trails Marathon 26.2 mile trail 4:28:02 3rd Overall Female
 June 16, 2017  Broken Arrow Vertical K  3.1 mile trail 1:07:07 10th Overall Female
June 17, 2017  Broken Arrow Skyrace 52k trail  DNF  DNF
July 15, 2017 TNF Endurance Challenge Series Ontario 50 mile trail 8:01:59 1st Overall Female
 September 1, 2017 Coyrmayeru-Champex-Chamonix 101k trail race 17:51:46 15th V1 F

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