Another look back at 2013

2013 was a great year for me. I spent another season healthy and happy – grateful for the opportunity to do what I love!

Although the duathlons I competed in were scheduled more around spending time with friends, I remembered why I love that sport so much. The challenge of starting and ending your race with a run is very exhilarating as well as challenging!

It also felt great to compete in triathlon again. It’s no secret that swimming is my weakness, but this is why I love the sport. It will never stop being challenging, and I love the thrill of the chase once I exit the water!

However the true highlights of my season were 1) falling deeply in love with trail racing, 2) competing in a Ragnar with a team of vegans, and 3) competing in my first 50k.

With all of these great pieces of 2013, it’s no wonder I am nothing short of excited about 2014. I want to do it all! Again! And then some of course 🙂 So receiving my certificates for All American status for both triathlon and duathlon for 2013 last week just strengthened my passion and commitment to another successful season. Can’t wait to see you all out there!
2014 awardsTriathlon ranking – 63rd out of 2,261
Duathlon ranking – 1st out of 104